The New Girl is the first episode of season 1. "The New Girl" first aired on May 1st, 2012.


Deandra walks in on a conversation between Trisha Cappelletti and Mackenzie Zales in the bathroom. Mackenzie lets Deandra know that she needs to know her place in the school hiearchy, but Deandra explains that she already knows. Mackenzie then asks what Deandra wants, and Deandra requests to be able to poop at the bathroom whenever she wants. Mackenzie allows her this, although she states she doesn't like her. Deandra then goes into one of the stalls and loudly defecates before leaving the bathroom.



  • This entire episode is based off Carlo Moss' comedy sketch "Bathroom Hierarchy".
  • The original voice actress for Trisha never showed up to the recording; Garrett Mendez happened to be on hand and provided his voice for her.
  • As revealed in Episode 31, Jenna Darabond was actually the one who started the chaos by letting Deandra in. Jenna addressed herself to Deandra as Ashley Katchadorian to begin her revenge plan.
  • The episode was reshot with new figures and a new set with the original audio, dubbed "Episode 1 Remastered". It was released on YouTube on July 10, 2018.