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Episode 11 is the eleventh episode of season 1. Episode 11 first aired on October 2nd, 2012.


Deandra tells the cheerleaders that she has a meeting to attend, but the Van Burens confront Deandra about being 30 minutes late, exposing Deandra for being working both sides. The two sides fight over her and end up ripping her arms off of her body. Meanwhile, Ashley Katchadorian arrives to talk to Trisha and Trisha tells her that it is all her fault that Deandra's arms were ripped off, even though Jenna Darabond is actually in charge of the door.




  • This is the only episode to show a different body on Deandra, which is paler than her head and has movable limbs.
    • A goof happens when the two groups pull Deandra's arms off, as her original unmovable arms are used.
  • This is the first episode to have Carlo Moss and Mark Cope appear at the credits.