Episode 3 is the third episode of Season 1. Episode 3 first aired on May 1st, 2012.


Beginning directly after the events of episode 1, with Deandra leaving the bathroom, Shay Van Buren storms in demanding to see Mackenzie, angry that she was called a liar. Cameron Van Buren and Mikayla Van Buren then proceed to enter, each accusing Mackenzie of calling her sister a liar. They then complain about the smell, leaving Trisha to call Amber Zendejas to clean the bathroom. Shay then asks for an apology, with her sisters offering various threats in return. Mackenzie accepts their deal of giving a large portion of the bathrooms and an apology in return for the center table in the cafeteria, and informing her of Deandra's pooping priveleges. Rachel Tice then runs crying into the bathroom after Brittnay's screaming at her in episode 2, leaving everyone to complain about her.