Episode 31 is the premiere of season 3.


The characters are back in class, with a new teacher, Mr. McNeely. He conducts a role call and Ashley Katchadorian enters late. When she takes her seat, Brittnay, Mackenzie and Trisha bash her for betraying them at cheer nationals. Deandra asks who this girl is and the cheerleaders all tell her she's Ashley Katchadorian. Deandra responds that she is not Ashley Kathadorian. Just then, Jenna Darabond enters the classroom and Deandra shouts, "That's Ashley Katchadorian". Jenna then introduces herself to Mr. McNeely.

Mr. McNeely shows a video about him to the class, while the girls talk in the back of the classroom. Mackenzie, Trisha and Brittnay confront Jenna about her absence. They also confront her about Deandra thinking she is Ashley Katchadorian.

Jenna proceeds to explain her plot. The scene flashes back to the day Deandra arrived at Overland Park. Mackenzie and Jenna are outside the girls bathroom, talking about Justin Michaelson. Jenna desires to be with Justin, but Mackenzie points out that he is dating Ashley and if she goes after him, she will be a whore. Back in present day, Jenna explains she tried to forget about Justin. Then flashing back again, her plan comes to fruition.

Ashley approaches Jenna and explains she will be going to pearl harbor for a few weeks and asks Jenna to give Trisha her paperwork. As she takes the papers, Jenna sees Mackenzie making out with Justin Michaelson. Mackenzie sees Jenna and tells her it will be their little secret. In that moment, she realized nothing was sacred and she did not care if anyone, such as Ashley, got hurt.

Jenna proceeds to call Shay and tells her that Mackenzie is cheating on Steven Carmichael. Deandra arrives at the high school and tries entering the bathroom. Jenna then tries to explain that only cheerleaders can use the bathroom. Deandra tells Jenna she does not care about their autocratic system and she will use the bathroom. Jenna realized that Deandra, a strong willed girl with no respect for authority, was all she needed. Jenna then lets Deandra enter the bathroom, but before she enters, she tells her that her name is Ashley Katchadorian.

Back in present day, Jenna has finished explaining her behind the scenes work and Mackenzie yells, "What the fuck!" Mr. McNeely tells them to quiet down. Mackenzie, Brittnay, and Trisha begin to put all the pieces into place. They ask Jenna if they realize what her one act of letting Deandra in the door did.

Jenna responds that she did know everything, including that Brittnay kissed Justin at prom after she gave Connor Devarnan a handjob. Deandra asks her if she had anything to do with her arms being ripped off, but Jenna did not. Jenna explains that after she got Ashley out of the picture, it was not enough, because Brittnay and Mackenzie would still be in the way. Jenna explains that she burned down the Atchison mall so that the Atchison cheerleaders would come to Overland Park. Jenna tells them that the hell that is their lives, has only just begun.



  • It has been revealed that Jenna was the mastermind throughout the whole series, starting from Mackenzie making out with Justin Michaelson who was, at that time, Ashley Katchadorian's boyfriend.
    • She also caused more conflict with Shay Van Buren and Mackenzie Zales in season one. 
  • Deandra thought Jenna was Ashley Katchadorian for the longest time. 
  • Its been also revealed that Jenna burnt down the Atchinson Mall. 
  • Mr.McNeely is also the first teacher to be introduced but not the first staff member, that's Coach Stiz. 
  • First time in the whole series where the setting was in a classroom