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Rachel: No, you know what Judith, fuck Brittnay. We’ve been following Saison all week. We haven’t even had any fun for ourselves. (Brittnay and Deandra walk up behind Rachel) And come to think of it, why should we be helping that bitch in the first place? She’s been a cunt to us her whole life, and I’m fuckin' sick of it, man. She’s nothing but a ratchet-ass whore who opens her butthole for every swinging dick that walks on by. And you know what, she’s not even that hot! Someone had to say it. There. I’m glad it was me.
Judith: Uh, Rach?
Rachel: What? (turns around to find Brittnay standing right behind her) Aw, shiiiiit! (gets chucked into a dumpster as a studio audience laughs and claps)
Trisha: I just wish you could be there with me. I feel confident when I’m around you, but when I’m up there I’m going to be all by myself...
Mrs. Margeurite: Saison honey, I’m so glad you were able to visit us while we’re still in France! Eh, Carl?
Mr. Margeurite: Yeah, you know my contract’s up next month! Then it’s back home to Montreal, to build some good ol’ fashioned Canadian buildings.
Mrs. Margeurite: Sorry the house is a mess, the Leafs game was on, and oh boy oh boy, I tell ya... You know sweetheart, (picks up and holds baby Brittnay) we’re so happy we finally get to meet our granddaughter!
Saison: (in a Canadian accent) Yeah, it's aboot time. (giggles maliciously)