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Brittnay: (with a bag on her head) Fuck you, you assholes! Fucking let me go!
Deandra: (with a bag on her head) Yeah! If this is for a surprise party, it is the wrong way to go about it! (Chloe and Zoe take their bags off. Deandra and Brittnay see Team France and gasp.)
Brittnay: Oh, what the fuck?!
Chloe & Zoe: 'Allo!
Juliette: Bonjour ladies! I hope you're comfortable.
Brittnay: Oh, I'm about as comfortable as a girl in a dungeon chained to a wall you psycho bitch! Now fucking let me go!
Deandra: Yeah, and give me back my arm! This is not cool!
Sofia: Actually, I think we will be keeping the arm. And keeping you!
Juliette: Until the competition is over at least. Then we'll let you go.
Chloe & Zoe: (giggle) May~be!
Brittnay: Oh, you cuntbricks better not let me go! Because the minute I get out of these chains, I am going to fistfuck each of you to death with that fucking robot arm!
Deandra: Or her own arm! Or with her own arm! Because that sounds pretty gross and that robot arm is quite expensive.
Juliette: Don't worry, we will put it in a safe place. And we'll be bringing you back something very, how do you say, special.
Brittnay: Fucking bring it on! You wanna cut me, burn me, strap me to a car battery? I DON'T GIVE A SHIT! Show me what you got, MOTHERFUCKEEEEER!
Juliette: Today, we have... Pecan Pie!
Deandra: (beat) What's that now?
Sofia: Along with six buckets of fried chicken, forty-five bacon cheeseburgers, fifteen pounds of mashed potatoes with gravy, and eighteen baskets of french fries, also with gravy.
Missing Models: Noooooo!
Kim: We can't eat anymore!
Tanner: (sobbing) I am working it! I am working it!
Announcer Mark: And there's another sad crying photo from Team USA.
Tanner: (still crying) I don't deserve to be happy!
Announcer Carlo: This. Is. Depressing. This photo's got me thinking about my ex-wife.
Announcer Mark: Hey! You got just as much of a right to those kids as she does.
Announcer Carlo: Hey, thanks man.
(Meanwhile, in the dungeon...)
Brittnay: (moans) God please, no more, I'm gonna explode.
Deandra: Oh yeah, yeah, dip that one in a little more ranch!
Sofia: ...Goddammit.
Saison: (Canadian accent) No dad, you're the hoser! I'll see you later, eh. (she sees Sofia leave through a wall passage, then looks through a grate and gasps) Oh no, Brittnay! (runs off)