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Episode 9 is the ninth episode of season 1. Episode 9 first aired on August 21, 2012.


Shay, along with Deandra and her sisters, lace the cheerleaders' pre game drinks with laxatives to prevent them from attending the biggest pep rally of the year and to keep Mackenzie from announcing that she is running for Prom Queen. Mikayla tells Shay not too use to much Ex-lax, or else it will sit on top "like semen on root beer". A drunk Jayna Van Buren enters the room to agree with Mikayla.

While the cheerleaders are in the bathroom, Deandra runs in to poop and the cheerleaders find out that Deandra has been working with both the cheer squad and the Van Buren's. The cheerleaders swear revenge on Shay.



  • Kate Frisbee's favorite improvisation moment came from the scene where Mackenzie screamed "Get out of me!".