Say 11

Mackenzie's "Hawaii" theme idea for prom.

Under the sea

Shay's "Under the Sea" theme idea for prom.

The Prom committee are the schools prom creators. The members consist of Mackenzie Zales, Shay Van Buren and Judith Dinsmore, which means that coincidentally, the Prom Committee has a member from each of Overland Park's social groups, except for the Football Team.

Overland Park 2012 PromEdit

For the 2012 prom, each of the Prom Committee members were hell-bent on having their idea put forward. This feud was most likely the result of each of the members being from rival social groups in Overland Park. Mackenzie thought it should be a Hawaii themed prom, Shay wanted an "Under the Sea" prom and Judith wanted to go with an "All Dogs Go to Heaven" prom.

The drastically different ideas led to a compromise being made and the final result was an "All Dogs Go to Heaven Under the Sea in Hawaii" themed prom. Mackenzie's boyfriend Steven Carmichael mentioned that it is "quite a unique theme for a high school prom."