Hey Everybody!

I recently gave the homepage i little bit of a remodel and update. I added character images for the 20 characters with the most appearances (they are shown in order of most appearances on the show to least). The pictures are now all the same size so everything is much more clean cut then before and i tried to get all the pictures to be ones where the character is facing the camera. I also edited the slideshow feature at the top to make it more up to date with the current happenings on the show. The new featured articles are Summer Abroad, Season 5 and Jeannie Halverstad. I also added a poll to the homepage where you can vote for your favorite season! 

The next task I will be working on is updating infoboxes. I will update photos for all the characters. For the 20 on the homepage, I will be adding those! I hope everyone likes the new updates I am bringing!!