Hiiiiiiii!! So early this morning I got 3 emails all telling me the same thing: I got approved for adoption of the wiki and am now your new admin and bureaucrat!! I am very excited! You may see me playing around with all the new functions and tools I have to make our community a better place. You may see me changing a lot of things, too, but it will al be for the better of the wiki. 

Now, I am going to be editing the page about admins here, but I recommend you check it out soon because I will be looking for a new admin. Being an admin all by myself will be a real challenge, but I am looking for another qualified user who may want to go into this with me. There are so many terrific things you can do and I hope you give it a look. 

I just remodeled the mobil homepage just because it was one of the first things I stumbled upon with my new rights. Expect me to be making more blog posts about the future of the wiki and other things I have accomplished. Until then, byyyyeeee!!